• Distal Method Pillars

    Where is the Distal Method based?


    Epistemology, Science of Exceptional Achievement, Sports Science and all related domains and fields.

    Learning vs Performing

    Authentic learning leads to high performance in the future. Focusing on performance in the now limits the future potential.

    Distal vs Proximal

    Distal adaptations (e.g. learning) need a different method than proximal adaptations (e.g. performance). The Distal Method is crucial for future success!


    Schools are traditional systems that have existed for many centuries (e.g. martial arts, philosophy, Tantra). They have developed unique means for self-development.

  • Distal Method Applications

    Motor & cognitive expertise, general and special education, martial arts; every domain using procedural and declerative knowledge - know how & know what!


    The Distal Method Coach Development is one of the most important applications of the Distal Method providing coaches with a unique & holistic development system.


    The Distal Method is the only method that provides guidelines for the development of both expert specialists and expert generalists.


    Distal Method may also be viewed as a new educational paradigm based on its focus, its depth and breadth. Relevant to both general and special education


    Artistic expression is an inherent component in the Distal Method -- a parameter that was largely neglected in expertise development. Moreover, motor and cognitive skill development are as important in the arts themselves.

  • Theoretical Framework

    Essential works about the Distal Method published in peer-reviewed journals and books

    The Distal Method: from psychomotor education to motor expertise

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    Theatre pedagogy and the Distal Method in psycho-social development

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    From Therapy and Enhancement to Learning and Performance

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  • Dr. Konstantinos G. Papageorgiou, Creator & Founder

    Philosopher, musician and sports scientist by education, it is said that after every interesting discussion he writes a paper... or a book

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